Business Women ConneX Conference – Attendees


Business Women ConneX Conference LogoThe central theme of the first Business Women ConneX conference addresses how we can view vulnerability in business asa strength. Those unwelcome feelings of being alone, stressed or just plain exhausted can be dealt with in a supportive non-judgemental way to enable you tode-stress, feel more confident and enhance your abilities to build better relationships for you and your business. The conference allows us to explore new concepts hidden deep within ourselves, our businesses, our visions and our personal and business lives.

The Business Women ConneX Conference will help you and your business to understand how to activatethe change that exists at the heart of vulnerability. Through careful listening and a non-judgmental approach, we can help you build a better business and a better life experience. The conference is a day led by our keynote speakers; successful women who draw upon their experiences of building businesses or creating a business strategies and sharing those internal therapeutic methods of how to survive the challenges we face as businesswomen.

Understanding the Business Woman in ME, will spark conversations and debates about how to enhance your business vision and become the Authentic Confident Business Woman.

A one day conference that has so much to offer the businesswoman within us:

  • how to make connections that enhance our own business vision
  • how to engage with others
  • how to use collaboration to create business opportunities

Networking and workshops; keynote speakers; exhibitors; the chance to create new business opportunities – what more could the Successful Business Woman ask for?


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