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We have been actively watching the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, with our main concern being that of the safety and wellbeing of all the women attending the conference in April 2020. Following the guidance from the International and local health organisations, as well as our own concerns about the impact and how this might damage our vision of hosting an amazing conference, we have taken the difficult decision to reschedule the event later in the year.

We’re sorry for any convenience this causes, but we believe that this is the right decision and that bringing together a large audience in the current environment is not the right thing to do.

We will be announcing a new date shortly.

Finally, a voice for South West Business Women to come together and celebrate as more women successfully embrace their business visions.

In the spirit of an Authentic Confident Business Woman, Business Women ConneX has pulled together an array of talented women to share their stories, challenges and above all, inspire everyone of us to support each other and to develop our business vision. A truly inspirational day that will enhance your own vision within your business role and form lasting relationships of development and growth.

What's it all about?

This conference is designed to bring you up to speed on the developing concepts of business to keep you ahead, save time and advance your own plans of growth and development. Key topics will be discussed to aid success with a package day of covering both guidance and insights, speed networking and workshops, VIP speakers and above all, women connecting with each other.

The South West is brimming with female talent and this conference is about highlighting the success and to help identify a female role with running or within business and the concepts that will benefit and help improve your chances to succeed. Creativity in marketing, brand awareness, social media, the list is endless but the Business Women ConneX conference aims to bring women together and openly discuss and connect with each other. A truly engaging day of showcasing the female role within business and how important women contribute both to the economy and to each other without holding back.

Welcome the Authentic Confident Business Woman

Often we are confused about the language within our own roles and understanding the ME within but this conference is about creating opportunities, recognising our strengths and the important of creating new business opportunities. A one day conference that has pulled together an array of topical business insights and what does it mean for me?

Business Women ConneX Conference 2020

When: Thursday 23rd April 2020

Where: Sandy Park Conference Centre, Exeter

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