Christa Mackinnon – Keynote Speaker

Christa MackinnonBusiness and the Feminine Psyche  (or: the Feminine Psyche in Business)
Christa will explore how ‘weaving the feminine into businesses’ through incorporating feminine values, ways and approaches will help women to be more authentic, confident, productive and successful, and enhance their leadership qualities.

Christa Mackinnon is a psychologist, family counsellor, hypnotherapist, shamanic teacher, international speaker and best-selling author of three books.

She the founder of ‘Bridging the Worlds’, a training organisation combining contemporary psychology with ancient wisdom traditions, and the co-founder of ‘Women Weaving Change’, a platform and training provider for women involved in businesses and projects working towards societal change. Combining her various strands, she sees herself as a Modern Medicine Woman and change-maker, speaking, writing, training and lecturing widely about both subjects. A chance to discuss and understand the ME within our business and ourselves.

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